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Fieldfare News March, 2023: New Birding Accessories!
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Reviews, Comments, and Anecdotes about our Fieldfare products:

"The Fieldfare makes it almost effortless to carry…I can slip notes or checklists into the book, zip it up, and toss it around in the car…I recommend the Fieldfare for any field guide because it is a great idea!"
David Allen Sibley

"Suzanne French's birder-designed Fieldfare field guide covers have been around only since late 1998, but they're already classics. These are industrial strength, virtually impossible to crush, water-resistant pieces of birding luggage. Books fit securely into elastic straps and clear inner slots. Fieldfare covers protect field guides from abuse on the way to, from, and in the field, and make transporting and using them quicker, easier, more relaxing, and more fun. I like protecting my investments! Now you can take your whole library out into the wild and not worry about it!"
Elise Faike, Birding Magazine, August 2002
(Elise has recently told us that our covers are Dog-proof too!)

From the UK; fatbirder.com reviewed the Big Cover and the 2001; some highlights: "I have to say I already think that these are a terrific idea. I am not one of those birder snobs who thinks that it is a sign of weakness to carry a field guide in the field." "Model 2001 fits my Collins European Field Guide perfectly" See the full review at www.fatbirder.com
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" I can't wait to get my guide book cover! I've been looking for something like this for ten years!"
Martha Schroder, Duluth, GA

"I bought three of your new field guide cover - two for the guides I use most often, and one for a gift. I ended up giving it to a guide at Masai Mara instead of a tip, after a particularly good bird day. I recommend this to other bird travelers: He flipped! Thanks for a great, practical product."
Casey Casebeer, Nairobi/Khartoum, Africa

"My cover arrived yesterday- I'm really pleased with it, it fits perfectly. If anyone else wants to know where I got my super-smart cover from, I shall point them in your direction. I'm off to Zambia next month and I'm sure there will be lots of unprotected copies of Roberts out there!"
Lise Sieiersen, England

"As a birder and wildlife biologist, I think you have developed an innovative and useful product. I look forward to using it!"
Mark Nelson Leavenworth, WA

"A cover sized for "Sibley" will be most welcome! Love my version for the NGS guide." (Before Fieldfare made a larger cover)
Roger Cobb

"I just purchased a Fieldfare guide cover and I am pleased with it. It fits the National Geographic guide perfectly."
Debra Witter

We've heard some stories about our Fieldfare covers putting up with use and abuse and would like to share these two anecdotes:

A Birder at the Cape May Bird Show told us a story about leaving his Sibley Guide to Birds in one of our Fieldfare Big Covers on top of his car while birding in the Florida Everglades. He drove off to the next birding spot not realizing the mistake until far away and chalked the book up as being destroyed or lost. After three days of rain, some one found the guide on the side of the road and turned it in to the refuge center. The Birder's book was still in good condition after being on the side of the road in the wetlands for 3 days.

Every new business starts by selling their product to a friend. The first Fieldfare Field Guide Cover was sold to Steve Reinert, birding friend and Ornithologist in September 1998. His cover is still in good shape after years of use on outings, birding classes and banding studies. He recently confessed to leaving it behind in a marsh while studying Seaside Sparrows. To his relief the cover and book were just fine when he happened upon it on his next trip to the study site. (Maybe we should start including a Lojac system option for frequently misplaced field guides?) Thank you, Steve!!!!!!!

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