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Fieldfare News March, 2023: New Birding Accessories!
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Are the covers waterproof?

Yes, the fabric is backed with a waterproofing so moisture will not go through

Which one should I get?

Narrow your choice down by size first and then if you have to decide between Plover and Dunlin models answer these questions- do you like to take notes? (Dunlin) Are you frequently in the field during inclement weather? (Plover) How would you prefer to open the cover- a tab? (Dunlin) or by zipper? (Plover)

Can I get replacement note pads anywhere?

The notepads that fit in our Dunlin model are standard Jr. Legal Pads, available at any office supply store. The pad that we choose to include in our Dunlin model is made from recycled paper.

Does the Plover hold a notepad or pen?

The Plover was not designed to hold a pen or pad, however some customers have told us that they squeeze them in the elastisized binding holder.


All three models come in a Forest Green with Black trim. NOW - the Dunlin
comes in a very sleek BLACK color also!

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